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ISSN: 2584-2153 (Online)

Title:  OLCIAS Journal

Intraoperative Ultrasound Guidance in the Surgical Management of Choroid
Plexus Papillomas: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Atroune L., Hachid A., Hamia F., Djouadi Y., Sellami A.

Neurosurgery Department, Mustapha Pacha University Hospital Center - Algiers,


Choroid plexus papillomas (CPPs) are rare tumors of the central nervous system, typically  benign but necessitating surgical intervention. We present the case of a six-month-old  female infant with signs of intracranial hypertension, diagnosed with tetraventricular  hydrocephalus and a left intraventricular mass. Emergency ventriculoperitoneal shunt valve  placement was followed by brain MRI revealing a multilobulated hypodense  intraventricular mass with homogeneous contrast enhancement. The patient underwent  total excision of the lesion aided by intraoperative ultrasound, resulting in uneventful  postoperative recovery. CPPs present unique challenges due to their vascularity and  localization. Intraoperative ultrasound guidance proves invaluable in distinguishing  pathological tissue, enhancing resection rates, and improving overall surgical outcomes.  This case highlights the efficacy of intraoperative ultrasound in CPP management,  underscoring its role as a valuable adjunct in neurosurgical practice.  

Key words: Intraoperative ultrasound Surgical guidance Choroid plexus  papillomas (CPP) Pediatric neurosurgery Hydrocephalus

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