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Sponsorship Opportunities

Elevate your involvement and support the world of brain health, mental sciences, disorders, and AI research through our comprehensive sponsorship packages. Join the OLCIAS community across year-long virtual exhibitions, conferences, and special events, and position your brand as a leader in advancing knowledge and innovation.


Why Choose OLCIAS Sponsorship?


OLCIAS sponsorship packages offer a strategic approach for companies to connect with their target audience through highly visible branding, networking, and speaking opportunities that yield measurable returns on objectives. With a range of benefits, our sponsorship options enable you to:


  • Raise Brand Awareness: Strengthen your company's global positioning and recognition.

  • Deliver Thought Leadership: Capitalize on various speaking opportunities to showcase your expertise.

  • Build Relationships: Network with existing and potential customers and suppliers.

  • Demonstrate Support: Showcase your commitment to local, regional, and international partnerships.

  • Increase Visibility: Elevate your company profile beyond your exhibition stand.


Sponsorship Opportunities Overview


Choose from a variety of sponsorship opportunities that cater to different levels of engagement and exposure. Our sponsorship packages provide you with:


  • High-profile branding and recognition

  • Key speaking opportunities to share insights and expertise

  • Networking prospects with a diverse and engaged audience

  • Unique positioning among industry leaders

  • Measurable returns on your sponsorship investment


Explore Sponsorship Tiers


Discover the sponsorship tier that aligns with your objectives and extends your brand's reach within the brain health, mental sciences, disorders, and AI research community.


  • OLCIAS Live TechInvent Expo Sponsorship: Showcase your tech innovations.

  • Book Publish Sponsorship: Share your published work with a wider audience.

  • Speaker Registration Sponsorship: Elevate your voice and expertise on a global stage.

  • OLCIAS Live Talk Sponsorship: Engage with an audience seeking insights.

  • Custom Sponsorship Packages: Tailored options to meet your unique goals.


Connect with Us


Join us in advancing the forefront of knowledge and innovation by becoming a sponsor. Contact us to discuss your tailored sponsorship package and secure your spot in OLCIAS's impactful events.


Contact Us and shape the future of brain-related fields with OLCIAS sponsorship.


Promote your company to 80,000+ visitors and attendees for the 2 days of the Brain Disorders Virtual Live Conference.

Virtual Live Conference
Virtual Live Conference

Promote your brand by Sponsoring Speaker, Delegate, Students and Young Researchers Registration

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Meet and network with 8,000+ speakers and delegates for the 2 days of the Brain Disorders Virtual Live Conference.

Young Researchers

Connect and engage with the next generation of talented Doctors, Researchers, engineers, and executives for the brain-related disorders

Young Researchers

Promote your brand by Sponsoring Workshops at Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, and Research Institutes


Promote your brand by Sponsoring Symposiums at Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, and Research Institutes

Please complete this form and we will have a member of the sponsorship team contact you to discuss how we can help raise, reinforce and enhance your company’s brand; elevate your presence beyond that of an exhibition stand and deliver key messaging to your target audience.

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