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Roles and Responsibilities

OCM (Organization Committee Member) Role

  • Once you become an OCM, you will be like backbone in our organisation. So will need your suggestion in scheduling Conferences, Workshops, Expo and other scientific meet Symposiums whenever required.

  • Suggest relevant topics, sessions, and sub-session for a scientific events.

  • Present Keynote Speech as per the expertise in relevant scientific event.

  • Provide references of suitable participants according to respective scientific events.

  • Provide honest feedback and suggest possible improvements.

  • Approve Abstracts submitted by other participants for their presentation in the scientific meet.

  • Guide us to potential Sponsors.

  • Advertise scientific events among contacts.

  • Answer queries or active participation whenever there is any discussion in the respective conference discussion portal.

  • Assist in expanding by assisting collaboration with Research and Development entity, Universities, Hospitals, NGOs, Societies,  Organisations etc

  • You may Vote for the best Speaker, Presentation, Student, Poster Presentation and other categories during conferences.

What we offer you in return for your contribution:

  • Certificate of the Organizing Committee Member after every conference in which you are willing to provide your input.

  • Opportunity to participate in any conference/s of your choice free of charge with priority.

  • Promotion of your updated biography/profile on our home page and conference website.

  • Opportunity to judge and nominate our participants for various awards.

  • We will assist in connecting you with the pioneers in their field and establish business contacts that may help enhance your career, research work and better position.

  • If any paid Speaker/Delegate joins the conference or any brand become conference sponsor, or be it any kind of financial business happens by your effort, we will be willing to offer you an honorarium of 10% of it that we hope you will accept for your contribution. 

  • If we have enough funding for our conferences, we will be willing to schedule a scientific tour at the best brain research and treatment like hospital and research facilities, related department in universities etc.. in the venue countries

  • From time to time, we will keep adding benefits as we grow.

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