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International Live Conference on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (SAD 2024)


Date: January 19, 2023


Venue: Online Conference


Theme: Frontiers in Research on Stress, Depression & Anxiety Management


Welcome to the International Live Conference on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (SAD 2024)! Our virtual live conference, themed "Frontiers in Research on Stress, Depression & Anxiety Management," is scheduled to commence on January 19, 2024. Building upon the success of the previous SAD 2022 & SAD 2023 conferences, this event aims to create a collaborative platform for Research Scholars, Leading Professionals, Academic Scientists, Students, practitioners, and educators worldwide to exchange insights and share experiences in managing Stress, Depression, and Anxiety.




Insomnia and Stress: Explore the intricate relationship between insomnia and stress, shedding light on effective management strategies. Discover the latest advancements in sleep therapy and technologies for monitoring and improving sleep quality.


Personality Disorders and Anxiety: Gain comprehensive insights into the correlation between personality disorders and anxiety, fostering a better understanding of effective intervention methods. Explore emerging therapies tailored to address the unique challenges posed by the co-occurrence of personality disorders and anxiety.


Psychic Rehabilitation: Delve into psychic rehabilitation techniques, emphasizing holistic approaches to mental well-being. Explore cutting-edge therapies, including mindfulness-based interventions and neurofeedback, that contribute to comprehensive psychic rehabilitation.


Drugs of SDA and Substitutes: Investigate the spectrum of drugs for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety (SDA) treatment and the exploration of substitutes for conventional medications. Stay updated on the latest pharmacological developments and alternative therapies, including personalized medicine approaches.


Importance of Yoga and Meditation: Discover the significance of yoga and meditation in promoting mental health and alleviating stress and anxiety. Explore the integration of technology, such as virtual reality meditation, to enhance the effectiveness of these age-old practices.


Mental Abuse and Therapies: Engage in discussions on mental abuse and explore therapeutic approaches for healing and recovery. Learn about innovative therapies, such as narrative therapy and trauma-informed care, that empower individuals to overcome the effects of mental abuse.


Phobia and Anxiety Management: Understand phobia and anxiety management techniques, offering practical solutions for effective coping mechanisms. Stay informed about emerging virtual reality exposure therapies and mindfulness-based interventions for phobia and anxiety disorders.


Compassion and Empathy: Explore the profound impact of compassion and empathy on mental health and fostering a supportive environment. Learn about the latest research on compassion-focused therapy and empathy training for mental health professionals.


Importance of Neurological Sciences: Examine the pivotal role of neurological sciences in understanding and addressing stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. Stay updated on neuroscientific breakthroughs, including neuromodulation techniques and neuroimaging advancements, shaping the landscape of mental health research.


Personal and Social Anxiety: Dive into the realms of personal and social anxiety, unraveling ways to navigate and manage these challenges effectively. Explore virtual reality-based exposure therapies and social skills training programs designed to enhance resilience in the face of personal and social anxiety.


Effect of Prevailing Competition on Mental Health: Discuss the implications of intense competition on mental health, highlighting strategies for maintaining well-being. Stay informed about workplace mental health initiatives and resilience-building programs designed to support individuals in competitive environments.


Women's Mental Health: Focus on the unique facets of women's mental health, addressing specific challenges and effective interventions. Explore gender-sensitive therapeutic approaches and the impact of hormonal influences on mental health in women.


Technology and Mental Health Management: Explore the integration of technology in mental health management, showcasing innovative solutions and tools. Stay updated on mobile applications, wearable devices, and telepsychiatry services that contribute to personalized and accessible mental health care.


Suicidal Tendencies: Address the critical issue of suicidal tendencies, emphasizing preventive measures and support systems. Learn about the latest suicide prevention strategies, including crisis helplines, artificial intelligence-based risk assessments, and community-based interventions.


Side Effects on Other Body Parts: Investigate the impact of stress, depression, and anxiety on other bodily systems, recognizing and managing associated side effects. Stay informed about the link between mental health and physical health, including psychosomatic disorders, and explore integrated care approaches.


Join us for this groundbreaking event that stands at the forefront of stress, depression, and anxiety management. As with previous conferences, our platform offers:


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