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ISSN: 2584-2153 (Online)

Title:  OLCIAS Journal

A Child’S Cranio-Brain Injury Due To A Nail At Donka National Hospital

Bah D., Camara A.M, Diawara S., Onikoyamou F.N, Mansare L,  Diallo B 1, Komara C.A, Diallo Ar., Bah Ab, Beavogui L.K

Department of Neurosurgery, Donka National Hospital , Conakry, Guinea

Cranio-brain injury is defined as an open cranial trauma resulting in a dural breach and putting the subarachnoid spaces in direct communication with the external environment. This is a 2-year-old girl with no particular history who was admitted for a scalp wound and weakness of the right hemi body following a domestic accident that had been evolving for 2 days. A clinical and radiological examination revealed a left parietal cranio-encephalic nail wound. She was taken to the operating room for nail extraction and duralplasty. The postoperative course was good. A probabilistic dual-antibiotic prophylaxis allowed us to avoid infectious complications. Cranio-encephalic wounds are rare. Those spawned by a nail are even rarer. Their treatment is both medical and surgical. They are often serious because of their vascular and infectious complications. 

Key words: brain injury, nail, CHU Donka.

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