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Burkitt Lymphoma with Extra Dural Location: A Case Report and Literature Review

Sellami Abdallah
Neurosurgery Department Mustapha Pacha University Hospital – Algiers-Algeria

*Corresponding Author: SELLAMI A., Neurosurgery Department , Mustapha Pacha University Hospital, Algiers, Algeria


This B-cell carcinoma, which originated from a clone of germinal center excrescence cells (CD5-, CD20-, and CD10), has a generally aggressive evolution.  The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is associated with the so-called primitive form, and it extends all of Africa; it appears as a mandibular excrescence in young children. In a 10-year-old girl, we present a clinical example of burkitt's carcinoma localized in the brain. Using a pterional technique, the case had a major excrescence excision while under general anesthesia. For better care, the child was transferred to an oncology center.

Keywords: Burkitt's lymphoma, cerebral localization

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