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Device for measurement of vitality

Al-Braa Akram El-Sayed

De Montfort University, UK


It is an electrical circuit which depends on the electrical messages from brain to the nerve endings so it's applicable to measure the life signs and vitality of the patient rapidly and accurately, it can save the life of victims who are in coma.

So, the device can determine whether the patient is alive or not qualitatively, it is not expensive which costs only 1 $ only excluding the price of power supply, it is mobilized and can be taken everywhere, and doesn't need expert to deal with it.

It is very beneficial to save the lives of hypoglycemic patients who may be buried alive and at the same time can be used to measure the vitality of victims of car accidents, earthquakes and floods etc. which allows the ambulance to take only alive victims who need an urgent rescue rather than taking victims randomly without distinction them accurately if they were alive or not.

Keywords: hypoglycemia, measurement of vitality

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